Fill your school with gratitude

Get an SEL tool that:

  • spreads kindness & builds positive student communities
  • improves self-worth & mental health
  • boosts mood & reduces conflicts
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How to seamlessly integrate Gracefill

Evidence-Based Design to Root Out Bullying & Low Self-Esteem

Gracefill's design is informed by extensive research that scientifically demonstrates increases to kindness, happiness, SEL competencies.

It also addresses bullying by:

  • Detecting the sentiment of a message and holding messages with low scores until teacher review
  • Preventing fake profiles that may be used to target others
  • Making received messages invisible by default—the recipient has complete control of all words displayed in their profile
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Flexible to Your Curriculum and Devices

  • Students can participate during dedicated time on school devices or away from school on personal devices.
  • No changes to curriculum are required. You may optionally pair us with your SEL curriculum or with resources from
  • Set streaks and gratitude goals that work best for your classroom. Gracefill can be passively or actively incorporated of five unique ways.

Inclusive to School Staff and Others

Staff also gain accounts to enable your whole school to realize the benefits of gratitude. And students aren't limited to sending messages to their peers - they may send messages to students, teachers, or administrators.

To protect student privacy, users outside of your school are restricted from finding and messaging your students.

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Super-Permission & Dashboards

Teachers and principals get super-permissions. Teachers can send messages to students en masse, see students’ messages (including private ones) in a dashboard, remove any messages, and revoke student access at any time.

Teachers or administrators can also create memorial profiles connected to your school community to help build healthy mourning and coping skills, as well as support systems for students dealing with the loss of a loved one.