Options for Classroom Integration
SEL Exercise
SEL Activity Exercises
Schools with formal Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum or programs can use Gracefill as an interactive activity to demonstrate and practice lessons that build relationship skills, self-awareness, and social awareness.
Student leaderboard
Hands-Off Leaderboards
Teachers may do a one-time introduction to Gracefill wherein students are guided through their first post with the help of handouts and videos.
From there, teachers may incentivize gratitude messages on Gracefill without disrupting existing curriculum by posting a leader board of students who are sending the most messages.
Journaling exercise
Daily or Weekly Classroom Exercises
Homeroom, health, or social studies teachers can introduce a routine of composing messages as part of the warm-up or wind-down of class activity for the week.
Studies demonstrate that students who engaged in such an activity reported greater life satisfaction, were more motivated to improve themselves, and maintained both these benefits throughout the semester.
Intervention crossroad
Targeted Student Interventions
Research shows that, relative to other forms of interventions, students tasked with performing kind acts show improvements in peer acceptance, which is an important factor for academic outcomes and likelihood of being bullied. Assigning Gracefill goals as part of student interventions may yield behavioral improvements.
Healthy mourning
Developing Healthy Mourning Skills
Gracefill enables schools to acknowledge deaths that affect students and staff. When these unfortunate events occur, Gracefill provides a memorial forum for the entire school to recognize the loss. This forum provides solidarity with the individual experiencing the loss, teaches students healthy mourning skills, and builds positive community in the wake of tragedy.