Who We Are
Our Objectives
Make Lives Better
Nothing is guaranteed with a new venture, especially one that asks its customers to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. But if you take the leap to set and achieve a kindness goal, and see real benefits to mental health and relationships, our year of development will have been worth it.  
Achieve Sustainability
With a large enough community of active Gracefill users, we will have enough subscription revenue needed to operate sustainably to continue to grow our mission and reach.
Build a Better Company
Before writing a single line of code, our founders composed a company manifesto that detailed a better operating model for "work". At a high level, its tenants include employee ownership, equality of executive and labor functions, and radical autonomy that questions hierarchical corporate governance.
Our Team

Marcos, Lead Developer

Marcos has a passion for coding that extends into the late hours of the night, but he's most fulfilled by engaging with his community - by volunteering for children in hospitals and shelters and by teaching. Marcos hopes to more closely tie his passions with his fulfillment at Gracefill.


Taylor, Technology Founder

Taylor has spent most of his life jumping between passions: writing, economics, product management - but it wasn't until he started engineering that he found something that scratches his need to create as well as his need to learn. Taylor joined Gracefill both because he believes it has the chance to change the app ecosystem and promote positivity in the technical world, and because it is a project filled with interesting complexities and puzzles.


Michael, Business Founder

Michael has worked in the financial technology industry for the past 15 years in product, research, and sales. He's excited to leverage learnings from his personal mental health journey, as well as those from his professional experience to build a company that prioritizes wellness for its customers and autonomy for its contributors.

Our Contributors

Building a new, self-funded social network for wellness was only possible through the generous donation of time and expertise of so many good people. Thank you for helping us to achieve this milestone and to pursue our dreams.

Thank you as well for your boundless emotional support Marisa, Tahira, and Atlas :)

Academic Contributors

Creative Credits

Alpha Testers

Ashley Smart
Quinn Plunkett
Mike McElligott
Graham Kirsh

Scott Guinn
Anna George
Tahira Ebaady
Dan Canders

Mark Amenta
Allie Amenta

Advisors & User Testing

Katie Shinnick
Jackie Saporito
Sam Rothschild
Quinn Plunkett
Elyse Piker
Joe Mitrione
Pat Krejci

Paul Iribe
Donell Hutson
Anna Dreyser
Marisa Clemente
James Castellano
Emily Canders
Noel Bulger

Douglas Baerlein
Jerome Anderson
Mark Amenta
Allie Amenta
Chris Amenta
Baktash Ahadi

Media Resources