About Us

Gracefill is on a mission to strengthen relationships and create a constant flow of kindness.

Our community of thoughtful individuals believes a habit of sharing kindness and goodwill builds inner peace and makes our world a more gracious place. We do this through an online app that shares the benefits of gratitude journals with others.

Our Approach: Gratitude Messages Every Day

Gratitude journals are a proven tool to improve mood, happiness, and mental health. Keeping one entails a daily routine of reflecting on, and writing about, the things you appreciate in your life.

But because we believe the meaning of life exists in our connections to others experiencing life with us, our focus is on directing our gratitude to people through gratitude messages.

Gratitude messages function like journal entries except they are sent to the individuals you appreciate. With messages, you gain the benefits of practicing gratitude while also spreading joy and fostering positive relationships.

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